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Right Intention: Fallujah

Thursday, November 11, 2004


Ralph Peter's has a nice op ed up today. Here's a snippet:

We're winning a critical victory. Since the political decision to stop short in Fallujah last April, the terrorists had bragged to the world that the city would never fall to the infidel. Abu Musab al-Zarqawi and his thugs turned Fallujah into a vast dungeon, complete with torture chambers and execution halls. The terrorists stockpiled weapons and ammunition, welcoming thousands of international "Jihadis" and using the city as a base to spread terror across central Iraq.

Fallujah became the new world capital of terror. And Allah's butchers proclaimed that they'd slaughter U.S. troops in the streets, if they tried to enter the city.

Guess who's dying now?

By fleeing without fighting to the death as they promised they would, the terror-masters discredited themselves. After Coalition leaders lost their nerve last April, the terrorists portrayed themselves as having faced down America's military might. This time, they ran away, leaving untrained recruits to take the bullet-train to paradise.

The swift fall of Fallujah is not only a practical disaster for the terrorists, but a massive loss of face for them throughout the Muslim world.

One thing that bugs me is that it seems there are nowhere near as many terrorists in the city as our military thought. I want to see more than a massive loss of face. I want to see a massive loss of terrorist's lives. Going through all this effort to kill a few hundred seems like a wasted opportunity. I hope I'm wrong and we'll see what the final kill count is, but I'll be disappointed if its anything less than a couple of thousand.


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