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Right Intention: Does the Left Hate America?

Sunday, November 14, 2004

Does the Left Hate America?

From Junkyard Blog I found this great montage that loosely uses Michael Moor-ish techniques and asks the question "Can we stop pretending that the Left loves America, too?" It's interesting to watch, and obviously over the top, but until some mainstream Democrats start to repudiate these psychos on the fringe, as opposed to embracing them and relying on their support, the question will be legitimate. The problem for the Democrats is that the fringe is amongst their biggest financial supporters (Soros, Hollywood, etc.), worker bees (Howard Dean style campus radicals) and voters (when sufficiently motivated not to vote for Nader that is, which means the party moves left).

Democrats constantly complain their patriotism is questioned. Even though few do it out loud, many who vote Republican privately believe the left hates America as much as the average European. And given the last couple of years, there is good reason for this belief. If Democrats want to shed this well-earned reputation, they can start by distancing themselves from the psycho elements of their party. But don’t hold your breath.


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