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Right Intention: Democrats Learning Nothing

Saturday, November 20, 2004

Democrats Learning Nothing

The sneering, condescending left doesn't show any signs of slowing down. The fact that the elites of the party and their media allies are fanning the flames of conspiracy theories and pure unadulterated hate is amazing. The mindless, ferocious attacks against Bush have barely slowed down. And now the left openly claims that anyone with the audacity to have voted for Bush is a retard. It seems as if for every one person that calls for introspection there are one hundred hurling insults even louder than before.

The complete and utter cluelessness of the left is astounding and completely belies their self-image of intellectual superiority. Their actions remind me of the stereotype of the American in a foreign country who tries to communicate in English. When no one understands him/her, the traveler simply speaks slower, believing anyone can understand English provided its spoken slowly enough. Similarly, the left believes they know what's best for everyone, and loudly reminds everyone of this belief at every opportunity. Now that they lost the election, they do not believe that their ideas and beliefs need re-tooling, instead they think they didn't scream loudly enough, weren't condescending enough or weren't just plain nasty enough the first time. This is absolutely amazing. Karl Rove must be laughing louder each day.


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