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Right Intention: War Protest Photos

Saturday, October 23, 2004

War Protest Photos

If you want to know how unglued the fringe left has become you need look no further than protesters and their idiotic signs. Some of the better ones, with my commentary in italics:

"We are the terrorists"
Brilliant. The guys chopping the heads off innocent civilians with dull knives and videotaping it are the GOOD GUYS. We're the bad guys. Here's my question: How many years in therapy would it take for the person carrying this sign to work out their issues of self-hatred and loathing?

"War kills the innocent"
Yes, sometimes it does. This is sad. There is lots of sadness in the world.

"9-11 You Knew, You Knew"
The next sign will probably be "Moon Landing? It never happened"

"STOP BUSH" (The S is a Swastika)
Ahhh...the swastika. What would an anti-war protest be today without it? The constant Hitler references show just how pathetic the left has become.

"Defeat the US Imperialist Empire"
What can you say to this? Elect Che Guevara?

"War is terrorism"
Beauty is truth and truth is beauty. Rootie toot toot and rootie toot tootie.

"End US Funding of the Israeli Occupation"
Hmmm....In a word, No. How about "End suicide bombing". I like that one better.

"Our President is a Moron"
Oh. Yale Undergrad, Harvard MBA. But of course it goes without saying that the person holding the sign is Albert Einstein.

"They Hate Us Because We Steal, Lie, and Kill Their Children"
There's room for two on the therapy couch. Maybe you can get a 2 for 1 rate if you team up with the "We are the terrorists" person.


What a joke.


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