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Right Intention: The UN can't find Kofi Annan's son

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

The UN can't find Kofi Annan's son

The NY Post reported yesterday that Kojo Annan, Kofi Annan's son, is under investigation by a federal grand jury in Manhattan for activities related to the Oil-for-Food program. The story reports his connections to Cotecna SA, which won a $4.8 million contract in the Oil-for-Food program.

But the comical part is this: The UN spokesperson is quoted as saying Kojo Annan "couldn't be reached for comment". Or better yet, Bloomberg news reports that a UN official said he couldn't be contacted because "the UN doesn't have a phone number for him".

Wow. Now there's a dead end if I've ever seen one. No number in the Rolodex.

If this is the type of answer that a Federal Grand Jury gets, I hate to think what faces Paul Volker in his quest for the truth.


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