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Right Intention: A Look at the European Press

Saturday, October 23, 2004

A Look at the European Press

Here is a somewhat humorous look at the latest in the European Press. My Favorites:

The poll details aren't very remarkable at first glance. Only 16 percent of all responding Frenchies like Bush. Since the press and TV coverage are relentlessly shrill in their coverage of W., this is the same as saying 16 percent of the French are deaf illiterates.

I suppose it should be pointed out that Bush's support among the benighted French is almost exactly the same as his support among the packsters who cover the White House. In fact, at 20 percent, Bush's favorable rating is probably higher in France than it is in most U.S. newsrooms. This will explain why neither the New York Times nor its Devil's Island, the International Herald Tribune joined in the polling fun. It's a terrible admission of failure on the part of the Times to have to report that Bush is actually supported by at least half the American public, while, according to the Pew Center, most Americans don't trust journalists at all.


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