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Right Intention: Let's keep some perspective

Monday, October 18, 2004

Let's keep some perspective

I am reminded by my friend Ted that regardless of whether Bush or Kerry is elected, the sun will still use up its fuel and go dark in a few billion years. Assuming that the laws of physics don't change, humans will probably not have traveled very far, and there is a good chance that all evidence that there was ever a human civilization will be gone. Not a single trace will remain.

But...wait. This is actually not true.

The music of none other than Chuck Berry will in fact live on. Johnny B. Goode, along with Mozart and other sounds and music of the earth, are on a gold record inside the Voyager One spacecraft. The material that the spacecraft is constructed from will essentially last forever (at least hundreds of billions of years) during interstellar travel, and will be traveling in a straight line forever, dutifully obeying the laws of classical physics, particularly the one that says objects in motion tend to remain at motion, etc.

Every once in a while when the political situation here seems so bleak, I remember that no matter what happens on earth, the music of Chuck Berry and Mozart will last forever.


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