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Right Intention: Kerry Refuses to Talk to Bob Woodward

Monday, October 25, 2004

Kerry Refuses to Talk to Bob Woodward

Kerry has steadfastly refused to answer pretty much any questions about what he's actually do in Iraq, except for magically conjuring up some messiah-like French and German troops and then copy every single thing Bush is already doing. And the media has allowed that to happen. What a joke. Have some guts, Kerry. If you are too afraid of talking to a reporter who will actually ask real questions, how can you be man enough to take on Al Qaeda?


Blogger d0g3n said...

I'm fascinated by the fringe right's obsession with France and Germany. You wrote, for instance, that Kerry plans on "magically conjuring up some messiah-like French and German troops," but Kerry has actually said that bringing in troops from France and Germany is unlikely. Interestingly though, even though Kerry is doubtful about France and Germany, Germany, at least isn't ruling out the possibility of sending troops in the future.
Where does the fringe right's fixation on France and Germany originate? Some might say it has been brewing since WWII or before, but I think we all know that it stems from bad experiences in college watching reruns of Kelly's Heroes. There you go again. More Negative waves. Have a little faith, Baby, have a little faith!

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