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Right Intention: Kerry: "Provide nuclear fuel to Iran"

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Kerry: "Provide nuclear fuel to Iran"

Ilan Berman points out (UPI report "Iran -- Pyongyang redux") that many seem to have missed Kerry's response to Jim Lehrer's question about his proposed Iran policies during the September 30th debate:

Kerry: "I think the United States should have offered the opportunity to provide the nuclear fuel, test them, see whether or not they were actually looking for it for peaceful purposes. If they weren't willing to work a deal, then we could have put sanctions together".

So, does this poor blogger have it right? Is this Kerry's master plan for Iran? Give them nuclear fuel and keep an eye on them? You've got to be kidding. It would be a joke if the future of our country wasn't on the line.


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