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Right Intention: Kerry = The Manchurian Candidate

Saturday, October 30, 2004

Kerry = The Manchurian Candidate

More on the Manchurian Candidate. How is this guy even in the race?

One of three newly discovered Vietnam War documents shows Hanoi's communist regime encouraged the U.S. anti-war movement's new strategy in the early 1970s of urging members to run for public office, a path John Kerry took when he vied for a congressional seat in 1972.

Hanoi said it maintained "relations" with an anti-war group closely tied to Kerry that sought "to eliminate reactionary candidates and plant progressive people in the Senate and House of Representatives," according to a "circular" issued in December 1971 and captured by U.S. troops the following May.

If Bush had these skeletons he'd be crucified by the press. I am stunned that the MSM believes that Kerry's past merits little examination.


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