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Right Intention: Kerry Comments Hurting Haiti

Sunday, October 17, 2004

Kerry Comments Hurting Haiti

Captains Quarters has a good post about how Kerry’s words are fueling the continued violence in Haiti, according to the UN. Kerry is supposed to be the refined diplomat, but somehow he (and the rest of the party) doesn’t seem to understand that words have meaning, that others hear them, and they can have an impact around the world. Just think, how much of the violence in Iraq right now is due to the possibility of a Kerry presidency? I’m not implying that Iraq would be nothing but sweet harmony right now if not for Kerry’s continued irresponsible comments. But constant pessimism, denigration of the effort and strong hints that he wants to cut and run are clearly having a negative impact, just as his support for Aristide is hurting Haiti. I agree with Captain's Quarters remark that if this is the damage he’s causing as a candidate, imagine what would happen if he’s elected.


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