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Right Intention: Can Anyone Tell Me Why I Should Vote For Kerry?

Sunday, October 31, 2004

Can Anyone Tell Me Why I Should Vote For Kerry?

Mark Steyn is another of my favorite columnists. Here's his latest:

Reading the media "endorsements" of John Kerry is like having lunch with a woman who wants to tell you about her great new boyfriend. She spends seven-eighths of the time bitching about the old boyfriend -- cocky, hot-headed, insensitive, never wants to listen, never gonna change -- and in the remaining few minutes tries to come up with the new guy's good points:

It's way more than just the media. I have yet to see anywhere any sort of reasoned analysis of why someone should vote for Kerry as opposed to against Bush. I haven't seen anything written anywhere, and I've looked. There must be something, but I haven't seen it. If it exists, someone please enlighten me.

But the fact that a case can't be made to vote for Kerry without exagerations (his miraculous ability to woo allies), distortions (his entire Senate career), and glossing over inconvenient information (his entire antiwar record) is pathetic. Lying to the electorate by trying to dress up Kerry presenting him as an acceptable candidate will cost Democrats and their media allies dearly in the future, even if Kerry wins. The truth about him will come out eventually, and what little credibility the media and the Democrats currently have will evaporate. Quite frankly, they should hope Kerry loses. The backlash will not be pretty.


Blogger d0g3n said...

Sure--I can tell you why, based on personal opinion:

*Given that neither candidate is personally very appealing, personality doesn't figure in the equation.
*Given the dubious nature of their military records, military service doesn't figure in the equation
*The same is somewhat true for past political decisions
*On platform issues, excluding Iraq, I like the sound of Kerry's economic plan over Bush's "make the cuts permanent" plan.
*On Iraq, the past is done and either candidate will follow substantially the same plan, so that issue is a wash.
*In the "war on terror", terrorism is a small but serious and unchangable threat--neither candidate will have a significant impact. We have been and will likely always be in a position of receiving a major terorist attack (3000+ deaths) every 30 years or so. That issue is a wash as well.
*On the Supreme Court, I much prefer the idea of Kerry making appointments. Since the Supremes are in office essentially for life, the major impact of the next President on the US will be through court appointments. Kerry wins on that issue for me.

There you go! Do try to have a nice dinner tomorrow. Maybe take a walk in the park. Life is too short to go crazy over a single election.

3:21 PM  

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