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Right Intention: Bush Hatred

Saturday, October 16, 2004

Bush Hatred

Well, time for my first post

Like my friend Stewart, I am a disillusioned Democrat. Unlike him, I've voted for Republicans in the past (Guiliani once and Reagan's re-election) but am still fairly liberal. I have become very disappointed with my party for a number of reasons and I fervently support Bush. That makes me somewhat of a pariah in New York City where Bush is considered evil incarnate.

I find the topic of why the Left has an irrational hatred for George Bush fascinating. After all, you can easily argue his ideas of freedom and democracy for everyone should be right up the Left's alley, but yet they hate him with a passion I've not seen in my lifetime.

Anyway, here's an interesting symposium discussing the Left's hatred for George Bush at Frontpage Magazine. It features two individuals each on the right and left squaring off in debate. The debate morphs into more of a discussion of America's role in the world and it's perceived sins at times, but to me these topics are related. From what I've seen, those who have an irrational hatred of George Bush have a fairly low opinion of the US in general, and somehow I doubt that will change with a Kerry administration.


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