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Right Intention: Andrew Sullivan

Thursday, October 21, 2004

Andrew Sullivan

Those who read, or used to read, Andrew Sullivan's blog know he has changed considerably over the past few months. He's gone from being a fair-minded Bush supporter to one of his larger critics. It's distressed more than a few of his fans. Polipundit found a blogger that expresses everything that bothers me about Andrew Sullivan's transformation far more eloquently than I could. This guy is a phenomenal writer. Definitely read this essay.

Anyway, I think what bugs me most about Andrew Sullivan's switch is that he became a single-issue voter and he's not being intellectually honest about it. It's all about gay marriage. It's an important issue, no doubt, particularly to him. But everything Bush says and does is now viewed through that prism of disappointment. Pretty much anything associated with Bush is now viewed less favorably, and vice versa for Kerry. To be sure, Sullivan bends and twists and contorts himself to justify his newfound view of the world, which, now that I think about it, is par for the course for most Kerry supporters. But what's really baffling is that Kerry is furiously trying to paint himself as having an almost identical position to Bush on gay marriage, so as not to offend anyone, in typical Kerry fashion. The difference between the two is potentially a big one (amendment), but one that has zero- and I do mean zero- chance of becoming reality. So what's the actual difference between the two? In the real world, there is no difference, assuming that Kerry is being honest, which admittedly is a big assumption. In the end, I wish that Sullivan would just come out and say that his disappointment with Bush on gay marriage is so great that he most likely won’t vote for him, regardless of his view on any other issue. His fans would respect that a lot more.


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