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Right Intention: And just when, exactly, were terrorists a nuisance?

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

And just when, exactly, were terrorists a nuisance?

So, John Kerry would like to return us to a time when terrorists were just a "nuisance". Exactly when was that, Mr. Kerry? I assume that he might be referring to the "Golden Age" of terrorism under the Democratic mother/father/god/icon Bill Clinton. As I recall it was on his watch that two terrorists detonated a van full of explosives in the garage of the WTC. Were they a nuisance? Are you a nuisance if you kill 5 people, a pain in the ass if you kill 50 and a true threat to America if you kill 100? Is John Kerry's a tiered nuisance system? It is interesting to note that the original WTC bombers were trying to immediately collapse the tower, with the bomb being placed to maximize the probability that the collapsing tower would take out the other tower as it fell. Had these two "nuisances" been only slightly more competent, they would have succeeded in killing oh what, maybe 25,000 to 50,000 people? Airplanes hitting the upper floors allowed an hour or so of evacuation, saving thousands of lives. The original plot, if successful, would have allowed no time for evacuations and would probably have immediately killed everyone in one or both towers.

It is possible that the immediate death toll would have exceeded the total number of American lives lost in the Vietnam war. Is this the "nuisance" time that Mr. Kerry would return us to?


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